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With Salesforce, you’re using the world’s leading CRM software and are benefiting from efficient sales processes

and qualified lead information. With our Salesforce app, you can also optimise

your address management activities – with just a few quick clicks in the usual Salesforce environment.

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Our Salesforce app is quick and easy to install.

The app is intuitive and free to use and you immediately benefit from 30 days of:

Generating and comparing data records using your dashboard.

Up to 400 search requests and 200 data comparisons.

Access to all of the

full version’s functions.

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Identify new leads and accounts with ease

Save time by accurately finding new addresses in seconds

Access to a correct and complete database at any time

Same quality standard for

all database users

Valuable additional information so the target group can be addressed in an appropriate way

Intuitive to use without system breakdowns or time losses due to the incorporation process

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Enhanced efficiency for Salesforce users

Users of the beDirect Salesforce app can create and update addresses and information automatically and in a way that is integrated in their own CRM system. Once it has been integrated, the Salesforce app offers you time and cost advantages. 

Flexible allocation of the data objects’ fields

Cross-selling potential due to hierarchies and interrelationships being illustrated


How the beDirect Salesforce app works

With this video (which is only available in german), we’d like to give you a brief insight into how our app works:

The beDirect Salesforce app is a 360° integration solution for your address management activities. With just a few quick clicks, you’re able to access the app and can work directly with the solution: create new leads and accounts and update data. It’s quick, easy and efficient. Your complete solution for your Salesforce CRM activities.


Our integration solution is modular. You decide what service modules are important to you.

Integration solution: the modular service modules






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The beDirect Salesforce app in practice


The customer:

A world market leader in the prepaid company services segment

The challenges:

Different user groups have different requirements

High potential for errors due to access by many users

Time-consuming and costly manual update process


Initial clean-up through connection to beDirect’s B2B reference database

Enrichment of customer and potential addresses with additional features (sector, company size, phone no.)  

New individual contacts are created immediately with the beServe Salesforce app

Enrichment with the desired additional information, directly in the Salesforce CRM solution 

Ongoing maintenance and inspection due to individual update during the retrieval process and regularly updating the complete inventory


Time and cost savings

Correct and complete data at all times

Elimination of duplicates  

Elimination of incorrectly created new records  

Enhanced efficiency

Uniform address recording process

New leads and accounts identified quickly and easily  

Quick access to additional information about leads and accounts

Cross-selling potential 

Remaining potential analyses for Marketing

and Sales​

Would you like to optimise your address management activities too? 

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